Stay Ahead In Your Game With The Latest Monitors In Town

Whether you are hardcore into gaming or even if you game just during free time. Playing any game with half the components missing, blurred or not visible is no fun. To enjoy a complete gaming experience it is best to have an updated PC as an even better monitor.

Your PC must be a gaming friendly one with powerful graphics. But what is even more essential is to have an updated monitor that can get you uninterrupted gaming. Its visuals must be clear and devoid of any blurring, tearing or pixilation. It is only then that your gamin experience will be truly enjoyed.

Let us now look at some features that latest monitors for gaming must have.

Size of the panel and its resolution:

I you don’t mind splurging on a monitor then some fabulous options in 30” and 34” ultra wide monitors. They have Ultra High Definition with an astounding 3840/2160 resolution. You can also choose a curved version that gives you a feeling of being nearer to where the action is.

There are many other great options like the 27”monitor with Full High Definition which provides an excellent visual effect. There are also many other cost effective variants in smaller size monitors as well.

Choosing the right technology

Monitor panels are available in various technologies. There are several panel technologies to choose from, Twisted Nematic panels are a favorite, being pocket friendly with fast pixel responses and refresh rates. Other technologies include options like Vertical Alignment Panels these are famous for their amazing contrast ratio, rich colors and excellent ghosting effects. In-Pane Switching panel is another option.

Having the best Pixel Response and Refresh rate

The best gaming monitors must be equipped with a fast pixel response rate and a high refresh rate. It is only then that they are able to provide the effects required in the game. You choose the monitors that provide them to get maximum out of your gaming experience.

9 Tips for Camping in Cold Weather

1. Heat up your sleeping bag with hand warmers

This is a great little trick. The only heat source in the sleeping bag is your body, so if you use hand warmers you can pre-heat the sleeping bag, then when you get inside it’ll be extra cozy and the heat will stay inside.

2. Sleep Close to Your Friends

The more people in close proximity to each other in the tent the less cold air will come up from underneath the tent and more heat will be preserved in your body.

3. Don’t cover your face with your sleeping bag

This is an interesting, almost counter-intuitive one, but science tells us that the moisture from a person’s breath gets traped in the sleeping bag, and this will reverse the insulating properties of the bag.

4. Eat carbs before you go to sleep

Eat some extra carby snacks before you sleep. This will cause your digestive system to kick into action and your body will generate more heat and since you are the only heat source inside the sleeping bag, the more internal heat you generate, the warmer you’ll be.

5. Wear gloves and thick socks

We lose a lot of heat through our hands and feet, so as well as wearing warm clothes and a warm vest, I recommend you also wear some toasty socks and a thick pair of gloves to bed so that you stay extra warm during the cold hours of the night.

6. Stay hydrated

It’s actually just as important to stay very hydrated during cold winters as it is in the summer. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids while camping.

7. Fire First

When you’re out cold weather camping the first thing you should do when you arrive at the campsite is build your fire. This means that you’re guaranteed to be warm while you setup the rest of your campsite.

8. Make sure you bring sleeping pads

Your body will lose a lot of heat through the ground below you. A lot more than through the air, so it’s essential to have a well insulated sleeping pad for that extra layer of insulation underneath you while you sleep.

9. Pack extra batteries

You don’t want to find yourself without light, so make sure to pack extra batteries for your flashlights.