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Top 5 Things To Say On A First Date

When you go on a date, you are at a loss of things to say. You don’t want to sound too desperate at the same time you don’t want to come across disinterested. One can never be too sure of what to share and what details to with hold for that special first date.

Here are the top 5 things you can say on your first date and let the topic take its course.

  1. Family – Talk about your date’s family. This is a safe topic as it is not too personal and the person sitting in front of you will also relax when you discuss something very familiar and close to their hearts.

However, stay clear of any family drama. Even if your date shares too much, refrain from passing any comments as you never know how they will take it.

  1. School – Find out which school they are going to or went to. There may be some nice stories to share or common friends you may discover. This will also bring back fond memories, thus relaxing both of you instantly.
  2. Movies – Talk about the movies running in theatres near you. You can slowly start discussing bout the director or actors. This is a safe topic as there is nothing personal and one can get to know about the other person’s interests. Who knows, you may even find a movie Inspiring the romantic side of you and making the evening more interesting.
  3. Hobbies – Find out about your date’s hobbies. You may find something in common or you can just get to know the person better.
  4. Books – This is a good way to know the person’s taste and preferences. If your date does not have the habit of reading, then move on to another topic rather than talking about the books you like. In all probabilities, if a person does not read, they may not be too keen in knowing about some author.