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Madden 18 features that players are eager about

Madden 18 features that players are eager about

Madden 18 has been the talk of the town ever since the news about the updates was released. The features are so good that everyone has been talking about them. With all the buzz about getting into the Madden Ultimate team if you are looking for resources, you can get mut coins here.

Here are the best aspects of Madden 18:

  1. Revamped engine:

Frostbite engine gained popularity when it was used for the FIFA 17. This is expected to revamp Madden 18 as well. This would add to the improvements in the visuals and the gameplay on the whole.

  1. Play Now Live:

Playing live is a feature that is going to be new and this is a feature that was not found in the previous Madden games.

  1. Pass to targets:

There is a Target Passing feature added. With this you can decide your target in any part of the field. This would allow you to pass to that player and not restrict you to passing only to open wide receiver. So you have full control over the passing decisions.

  1. Story mode:

In most of the EA games we find the Story Mode which also continues to be one of the most popular ones. A similar mode is also introduced with the Madden 18 which is expected to make it better.

  1. Playing styles can be customized:

If you are bored of the playing style, then you could try to switch them. You get to choose from arcade, simulation and competitive. Arcade is for fewer penalties and more scoring. If you are looking for a gameplay that is closest to that on the field, with the real rules and more then choose the simulation mode. The competitive mode is for those who have mastered their user stick controls.